Studio Etiquette

Arrive at Least 5 Minutes Early. This allows time for you to sign in at the front desk, find a space, unroll your mat and collect your props (any blankets, bolsters, blocks or straps you need to modify poses) without disturbing anyone. It also gives you an opportunity to get into the right mind-set. Please keep in mind, we lock the doors 5 minutes after class time for safety reasons. If it’s your first class, you will need to sign our intake/waiver form.

Place All Personal Belongings in a Cubby. Please no wearing of shoes in the studio. All personal items (shoes, jackets, jewelry, bags, keys, phones, etc.) should be left in your car or placed in a cubby. Cell Phones should be turned off or placed in silent-mode. We are not responsible for personal items.

Avoid Perfume or Scented Lotion. Personal hygiene is extremely important. Please arrive free of odor and fragrance free. It can be distracting and unpleasant for fellow students and teachers.

Plan to Stay. A key part of class is the final asana/pose savasana. It can also be the most challenging pose in yoga. Savasana is your reward. Your chance to sink into the mat, letting everything go. This posture allows the body to return to “normal”. It allows the heart rate to lower, muscles to let go and the body temperature to begin lowering. It also allows the student to absorb the peace and the space they created in their body. This is the posture that connects everything in practice together, without it, practice is incomplete.

Bring Water if Needed. We suggest and encourage you to be very well hydrated before class. Traditionally in yoga, the student does not drink water during the practice. In Ayurvedic (traditional Indian) medicine, yoga helps the body build the digestive fire necessary to break down food; to drink in the middle of practice quenches that fire. If you feel the need to drink water during your practice, please do, especially during hot classes. Just keep in mind, yoga is not a Western exercise. You do not want to be chugging water. Try to hydrate before & after class.

Towels and Mats. Some students like to bring a small towel to use for wiping excess sweat. We encourage you and recommend you bring your own mat. Why? Hygiene. It’s your mat. No one else will use it. It also helps to build a strong link with your practice, A sense of connection. Feet rooted to the same mat, creates a feeling of familiarity, warmth. With your mat in hand, the connection begins before you arrive to class. If you do not have a mat, no worries. We offer mat rental for $2.

Talking.  A yoga practice is personal and requires a quiet and focused mind. Socializing with fellow yogis is great! Just please do so before entering the studio or wait until after class has ended.

Wear Appropriate Clothing. Wear comfortable clothing. Something with no restrictions and allows you to move freely. Dressing in a way that won’t distract anyone or make them uncomfortable is a kindness to your fellow students. Modesty is traditionally a part of the yoga practice.

Inform the Teacher about any Physical Issues/Preferences. Before class, it is always a good idea to tell the teacher if you have any physical issues/limitations or if you prefer not to receive any hands-on assists. Remember this is your practice. Do only what feels right/good for you!

Clean Up After Class. Wipe down any borrowed mats after practice and put props away neatly where they belong.

Be Compassionate and Don’t Judge. Our studio is a safe place for you. During your practice, your focus should be inward. Physical, emotional and spiritual releases can happen. The body might release these toxins and emotions in many different forms including passing gas or crying. This is natural. Try not to react. Our space is a safe, inclusive and comfortable space for you to allow whatever comes up and for whatever you need. Our instructors are trained professionals and will be there to assist and guide you. It doesn’t matter what others are doing, just be on your mat and do YOUR practice.

Be positive. Be aware of your presence and how you interact with other people.

Most of all Be respectful. To the instructor, to the class and to yourself!

We encourage you to not take yourself so seriously. Have fun. Laugh. Cry. Get out of your comfort zone. See where your yoga practice takes you. You’ll be glad you did. It’s a beautiful journey!