Leigh Ann McNair

Leigh Ann McNair
LMT, RYT 200, Reiki ll Practitioner, CNMT, CST | MA38050
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Leigh Ann began her yoga journey while attending massage therapy school in 2000. Her first experience was Kundalini yoga. Outside. By a lake. It was magical! She was aware how yoga builds strength, helps with balance and increases flexibility, but what really intrigued her was how yoga made her feel. She noticed an increased calmness. Focusing became easier. The small things just didn’t seem to bother her anymore. Throughout the years, her yoga practice has been an on and off journey. Leigh Ann understands how we can allow “life” to get in our way.

In 2004, Leigh Ann opened Sacred Moments Massage and Healing Center. It was her goal to create a Center offering all types of healing modalities: massage, acupuncture, natural skin & foot care, infrared sauna, wellness classes and YOGA!

As a licensed massage therapist and Reiki 2 practitioner with over 17 years of experience, Leigh Ann brings much knowledge of the body and energy system to the mat. Though she is an advocate of gentle and kundalini yoga, she feels every student must find the yoga style that resonates with her/him. In our crazy, hectic go, go, go, world, we really need a little gentle stretching, some focused breathing and a few quiet moments of relaxation/meditation. “The body is meant to move. The body needs to move. Come move with me!”

Leigh Ann looks forward to having you join her on the mat, share a little yoga and breathe!