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Massage & Bodywork

Infrared Sauna


Skin Care

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Our Clients Says

Tammy M

Leigh Ann is the best massage therapist I have ever been too. She focuses on making you the client feel better. I have been in there multiple times for lower back and neck issues and after I leave I feel so much better and relaxed.


Leigh Ann is amazing in her ability to find and fix problem areas. She has helped me tremendously at reducing pain from arthritis, fused neck vertebrae, and sports pain/injuries. The atmosphere is very relaxing and Leigh Ann is very pleasant to work with. Highly recommended!

Patty C

Leigh Ann doesn’t just “give a massage”. She is very knowledgable and really knows what she’s doing, which allows her to be sensitive to your individual needs. She is the best massage therapist I’ve been to.

Yoga Class


We passionately believe EVERYONE should practice yoga! The benefits are numerous! Yoga helps us to stay strong and flexible: mentally, emotionally and physically!

Sound Healing:
Crystal Bowls


Take the time and join us for our Full Moon meditation with Crystal Bowls. Clear your mind and open your heart and spirit to the many blessings of healing, clearing, and Divine Light available to you now.

Health & Wellness Classes