Meet Sapphire Dodge Our Licensed Skin Care Specialist In Oviedo

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Meet Sapphire Dodge Our Licensed Skin Care Specialist In Oviedo

Q: What first drew you to your field of beauty & healing?

A: My first job was in the beauty industry. I always had a love for it since I was a little girl trying on my mother’s makeup in the mirror. 🙂

Q: How would you describe what you do?

A: A skin care career just so happens to be a great blend of beauty treatments and near-medical skin care services. Not only do I assist you in obtaining your skin care goals, but I also educate my clients on how to keep their skin beautiful & youthful. I love to pamper my clients, too! Help them to escape into a relaxed state of bliss. My sessions always begin with a consultation so I understand exactly what your goals are for that day. I offer many different types of facials along with microdermabrasion, LED light therapy, high frequency, MicroNeedling & more! To give you an idea, during a basic facial, I will analyze your skin to insure the correct product is used for your skin type. Your skin will be cleansed, toned, & moisturized. You will also receive a masque & serum. Extractions are done if needed and of course you will receive a relaxing massage- face, hands and feet! Warm scented towels & steam to open the pores are also used.

I am also trained to recognize skin problems that may need to be referred to a dermatologist or a medical professional. I never hesitate in referring my clients for medical treatment if the skin problem is beyond my scope of practice. I’m like having a second set of eyes! 

I also pride myself on keeping a clean & sanitized room. 

Q: What do you like about what you do?

A: I love knowing that I am providing a service to improve someone’s physical and emotional well-being. There is joy & satisfaction knowing you took part in that! It’s such a great feeling.

Q: What education, schooling, or skills do you have?

A: I am a graduate of Douglas Education Center Cosmetology Academy located in Pittsburgh, PA class of 2014

I am a licensed esthetician and nail technician in both Pennsylvania and Florida .

I have many certifications such as facial peels, waxing, and advanced anti-aging treatments.

I am a published and freelance makeup artist since 2006.

Q: What is most challenging about what you do?

A: Facials are not one size fits all. You have to get to know your clients and their skin and know the proper way to deal with their specific skin types. My goal is to get results and make each client happy. I am constantly learning. When I am able to help my clients achieve & maintain their skin care goals, well, I’m a happy girl!

Q: What is most rewarding?

A: Helping my clients with their self-confidence. Knowing I had a part in helping them feel beautiful. Even helping them feel refreshed and renewed even if it’s just for an hour! I take pride in my title and my career. 

Q: What is a common misconception people have about what you do?

A: Most people think I just rub lotions on faces or I am just a glorified product rep.  There is so much more than goes into being an esthetician/skin care specialist. I had to go through thorough schooling, testing and licensing requirements and take various courses to further my education. I am a skin care expert and I’m here to help my clients solve their skin care concerns and make them feel great about their skin. 

Q: What are your goals/dreams for the future?

A: Broadening my knowledge in the skin care field in order to better serve my clients. There is so much to learn. I want to successful and be the best at what I do.

A: What else would you like people to know about your job/career?

Q: There is just such a broad spectrum of things that my career entails. It requires being on top what’s cutting edge in the industry and having a passion for it. I want people to know I am the real deal and love what I do! I am here to help you!

Q: Tell us a bit about your signature treatments and how you developed these?

A: I have a signature facial massage I created. There is a little mix of lymphatic drainage which stimulates your lymph nodes to drain which are located  in your neck and jawline. This helps to eliminate toxins from your body. I also use some acupressure which can alleviate sinus congestion and headaches. I use various relaxing movements and relieve stress and improve your mood. I am also very detail oriented. I  make sure to thoroughly extract any blemishes on the face safely. I prefer to use a facial machine, which I feel thoroughly cleans the skin and really sets it apart from product only facials. 

Q: In your opinion, what are some of the most important things someone can do to care for and upkeep their skin?

A:  I believe what you put into your body is just as important as what you put on your face. Drinking plenty of water and eating right is very beneficial to your health and well-being as well as for your skin health. Getting regular facials helps boost the growth of new skin cells as well as bring nutrients to the skin at the cellular level. Facial massages help to detoxify and clear congested skin and sinuses. Increases blood flow to the face. Improves circulation. But most importantly, wearing sunscreen everyday is vital to maintain youthful and healthy skin. Prolonged unprotected sun exposure most commonly results in premature aging or even skin cancer!

Q: What do you do when you are not caring for your clients’ skin needs?

A: I’m usually spending time with my family and friends. Nothing better than enjoying the company of those you love. I enjoy being outdoors and going on spontaneous adventures. I love to paint, craft and be artistic. I’m also into photography and keeping up with the latest beauty trends.